Life Insurance Simplified- Download e-Book

I had a dream of writing a book on personal finance in simple language and give it free to all as an eBook. Idea is to reach out to the common man which can help him in taking informed decision while investing. It will be in simple English without technical jargon so that anyone can understand it. It will be published chapter by chapter.

First chapter on Life Insurance is ready. You can down load the pdf and read it at your leisure. It is around 20 pages and contains 7000 words. I am sure, I will lose many friends from the insurance sector. But I can’t help it.

Please share it with your extended family, friends and other contacts. You can download the e-Book by clicking on below link

Life Insurance Simplified

3 thoughts on “Life Insurance Simplified- Download e-Book”

  1. Contents are very essential for the life insurance seekers. I agree with Your advise for the Term policy.

    There is a single spell mistate in page No. 15 (i/o form that word appeared as from)

    good presentation, knowledge sharing and simple.. good attempt..


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