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Melvin is an amazing financial advisor. He suggests the right avenues for investments specific to the goals and risk appetite of the person. He is able to suggest a holistic plan for the entire family. Earlier I was never aware of the importance of financial planning. When I was surfing the internet for advisors, his name came highly recommended and he has proven it right. He is prompt in answering queries and does not keep a count of how many questions i ask (many of them do!). Also, his fee is very reasonable. I am grateful for his help and advise.
Neela Shashikumar, Bangalore
I had always been trying to do things on my own. But due to time constrains, mostly I took investment decision irrationally - based on little to no research. That is where I realized the need for independent financial advice, and I decided to go for Finvin Financial Planners. Its bean about 9+ months, I am utilizing Melvin's services. It has been good experience. I finally started making calculated and planned investments. Melvin did good analysis of my plans, and available funds, and suggested the most suitable instrument to achieve those plans. Melvin is also available for all the ad-hoc queries I had from time to time - and thus the connect is on-going and not a one time thing.Thanks to Melvin for all his professionalism and sound financial advice.
Ani, Bangalore
It was by chance that I found some writings of Melvin and got interested in his services. Till then I was basing my investments purely on my limited knowledge and on the advise of so called relationship managers with bad results.Melvin is unbiased ( which is so rare now a days) and gives practical solutions. He is always available for any consultation and never has disappointed me. I find him very knowledgeable and genuinely interested in helping. It is a pleasure dealing with him and look forward to many more years of association.
Chandrasekhar, Doha, Qatar
Initially I was confident that I can do financial planning on my own. Before availing the services of Melvin, I did most of my investments in Fixed deposit or in other similar so called “SAFE” instruments. I tried my luck with Mutual funds and stocks, but without proper knowledge or guidance I was not able to make any significant gains, which made me more skeptical on equity market. Also I was completely clueless about debt mutual funds and their benefits.Based on advice of some of my senior colleagues I started availing services from Melvin.With valuable advice from him, I now have set goals for all major life events and a meaningful plan in place to achieve them. I have now proper covers in place for any sudden mishaps by means of Insurance and a fixed monthly investment plan in diverse instruments in place to cover all future needs.The attributes which I like most- Truly unbiased advice- Prompt response to need of any financial needs throughout the year- Tailored advice for each specific needs
Sudipta Kundu, Kolkata
I was very confident that i can manage my funds on my own and does not need any guidance. In the past decade had moderate success as well where I thought I had myself covered with adequate insurance and mutual funds. In recent years I realized that time is constraints and my investment are all over the place without significant returns.I was so was looking for fee based financial planner as I always believed that a financial advisor profession is as much about people as it is about the money. I was scanning through the fee based financial planner list on Asan Ideas for Wealth(AIFW) facebook group and was introduced to Mr. Melvin Joseph. I realized he is one of the first Certified Financial Planners (CFP) from Financial Planning Standards Board of India (FPSB) and he explains personal finance in simple language.Personally I have found his advice of great value because of his unbiased financial tips before any investments. In the current Indian conditions, where all financial products are complicated and front loaded, such independent advice has helped me in invest in the right products. I have seen the results of the structured portfolio within a year and confident that our family will be able to achieve our financial goals and plan early retirement.
Sourav Shukla, Dubai
I have been a NRI for last 27 years and was not much serious about financial condition as I was simply aiming at saving a certain amount every year and finally investing in fixed deposits, with very little exposure to mutual funds and that too not organised and over the years it was over spread.However, I was engaged with a financial planner earlier but when I discovered that they wish to invest on my behalf, I preferred to discontinue their service. In fact, I was looking for a person who can provide me advise and guidance to develop me in such a way that in future I can manage myself.Then on a fine day I find the list of fee only financial planner in Free Fincal web site and without to much thinking I contacted Mr. Melvin Joseph and he agreed to be my financial planner. I have personally met him as well and find him down to earth gentleman who can be easily approached. Not only he is knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy, he also consider to the clients view. With the advise from Mr. Melvin I am able to establish my financial goals and restructuring from FD based to mutual fund based specific to each goals.If some one is looking for simple financial advise I will strongly recommend Mr. Melvin Joseph.
Bijan Malladeb, Delhi
Having did my MBA from IIM, I was very confident that i can manage my funds on my own and does not need any guidance. I had very diligently performed the fund analysis and invested in Mutual funds, term insurance etc. After few years, i have realized that i have around 15 Mutual funds that i have invested in and the returns are below nominal. I was investing but i was direction less and moreover the returns over the investment are not assuring. I started to research for advisor, who can guide me and set me right for my long term investment. Having researched many advisors, i found Melvin and the good part of Melvin is that he does not subscribe or get commission from any funds he advise. He is un-biased in his suggestion and recommendation.I have contacted him and he was very approachable. He followed a simple process of first defining the goals and then investment plan to achieve the same. We have interacted multiple times and he has taken my feedback into consideration and defined a very well appropriate plan to achieve my goals. Now, i am very confident that i am on the right track and my investments are reaping good return.Moreover, Melvin does not only ensure your investment are adequate to meet the goals also he ensures that you have adequate insurance cover for rainy days. I have some trouble getting the insurance cover and he guided me in a right direction whenever i have messaged him. I feel secure and in safe hands. I recommend his services and trust me that the returns that his services generate has higher return on investment compared to his fixed time annual fees.
Gaurav, Delhi
I am very happy and satisfied for my decision for Fee Only Financial advising & further happy to be associated with Finvin.There are many reasons to mention.The first reason is, i have never done the financial assessments the way it is supposed to be.Next, the financial goal plan was never known to me.Next, on any investment products i get unbiased reviews.Next, on the clarifications in this domain i get prompt replies.Next, periodical assessment on my portfolio is pro actively reviewed and changes suggested.Next, I get important updates & suggestions on time.Now, my retirement plan seems to be in a very good shape & worry free.Nice to have this One Stop Shop financial services from Mr. Melvin.
Bala Harish, Hyderabad
I am managing money for my mother post my fathers death. At first I had made many plans based on my membership in asan ideas for wealth group on Facebook. Since I was not ready for the risk myself, I spoke to melvin sir, who patiently heard me out and helped in the whole planning based on a detailed questionnaire and talk on phone. His final plan was meticulous in terms of allocation per scheme . He also sends do's and don't throughout the year and asks how much we were able to progress on executing his plan, so it is not just the plan that you get, it's a end to end advisor.
Devang , Ahmedabad
Since long I was investing in Mutual Fund (DIY) and I was thinking I am doing good...suddenly I realized my portfolio is too big because I was having around 18 Mutual Fund including DEBT fund, its look like over diversify. I though, I can trim my portfolio myself but I was unable to do that because lack of knowledge.then I came to know about Mr. Melvin via google and I contacted him online.He did wonderful thing, now i am able to understand debt and equity re-balancing. Goal based investment.so finally, I am happy with his services.He provides prompt response for any investment related queries and during the plan preparation you can ask him n number of questions.Best thing, he will make sure his client understands the financial plan before executing the plan.I am really thankful for your support and services.
Manish Gupta, Delhi
I approached Melvin for my retirement planning goal. Though I have been investing for a long time, didn’t had any proper structure in place. Melvin helped me in suggesting the life & health insurance along with a complete plan for retirement. Melvin was quick and prompt for all my enquires. He was competent enough to prepare the plan on what I already hold and didn’t much disturb the existing investments. Also, he helped me to streamline the investment based on the goal & asset allocation. I would recommend Melvin for complete and comprehensive Financial Planning services.
DS, Chennai.
I was looking for specific financial advice and investment instruments from an expert, as I was not much equipped with financial knowledge. I met Mr. Melvin and he explained how he can help me with it. After asking all my personal and financial details, he made a comprehensive plan by running different calculations and forecasts keeping in mind my specific needs. The plan not only consisted of the investment strategy but also insurance planning, emergency fund handling, retirement, and future expense planning.The best part is I am able to contact him throughout the year for whatever finance-related doubts I have. He also does the half-yearly review and follow-ups to check if we are on track with the plan. I am happy with the advisory service provided by Finvin and Mr.Melvin. I have learned it the hard way that earning money and protecting/investing money requires completely different skills and they are worlds apart. Would recommend Finvin planners not only to beginners and also who know a good deal of fundamentals of financial planning.
Ram, Mumbai
I was looking for a financial planner for some months. I wanted someone reliable & trustworthy who could be entrusted with personal financial data. I came across Melvin’s name in a newspaper & the article gave a deep insight into various aspects of financial planning. After checking his website & going through various testimonials on his services, I got in touch with him & was suitably impressed with his deep knowledge on the various tools of financial planning.Over the next couple of weeks, we had multiple rounds of discussion on my requirement for financial planning. He listened attentively to me, made me comfortable, asked me probing questions & gradually helped me in not only collecting, recording & organizing my personal financial data but also in thinking about my life goals & what I wanted to get out of my present investments. At the very outset he made it clear that he will not offer or endorse any particular product from any company but will only advise me on the future course that I should take to get desired benefits from my investments.My experience with him has been very pleasant. His approach is very methodical & systematic, he understands personal needs of the client thoroughly before giving any advice. Interacting with him, I was able to understand the concepts of personal financial planning, judicious asset allocation, adequate health insurance coverage for self & family including parents, calculative risk taking for higher returns etc.His report is comprehensive on all areas of financial planning & gives only the needed advice based on one’s requirement & does not include any advice which is not solicited by client.I can say that he has become a friend & guide for the rest of my life & I would not hesitate to recommend Melvin to any one who needs genuine, simple & personalized service & guidance.
Ajay Mishra, Hyderabad
I came in touch with Melvin via my search for an independent financial advisor who will not be biased by commissions or other incentives from the sell side.My experience in short has been pleasant and the outcome more than expected.Melvin was organised, to the point, went via a first principles approach, allowed sufficient time for iterations and discussions to come up with a plan that was comprehensive. To top it up, he even followed up with me on the implementation of the plan. Most importantly he is genuine and took time to understand my requirements and position. His fees was very reasonable that was based on time spent as opposed to the portfolio size.Interacting with Melvin, I was able to appreciate the importance of financial planning, asset allocation, insurance planning, risk returns etc. As an example - I had not realised that I was over insured on life and under on health till Melvin reviewed my financial position. It is such small adjustments that made a difference to my plan.I would not hesitate to recommend Melvin to any one who needs genuine, simple and implementable advise.
AB, Bengaluru
When I began my search for a RIA, I found there are still limited options in India. I got to know about Melvin and saw he has many satisfied clients. When I approached him with my requirements he was quick to grasp the needs to tailor make a plan for me. He is a great listener and will first give you all the attention to understand your needs completely. Then Melvin will develop a plan fitting your goals and take feedback from you through the process before finalising the plan. Great eye for details, meticulous unbiased planning and ability to cover all the financial needs & goals make Melvin a delight to work with. I am very satisfied with the end result and will highly recommend Melvin to anyone who wishes to get a thorough, unbiased financial plan from a SEBI registered adviser.
HN Mumbai
I have been thinking of getting financial planning advice since a long time but never did it. My Bank RM was behind me to invest in different schemes and I then made a conscious decision to invest and in my reading online I came across Melvin's website. I straightaway reached out to him and in my first conversation with him he bowled me over by stating how much better I could have been with my financials had I invested differently.I like his direct, to the point advice. He has helped me understand why long term planning is essential and how I should consider and start thinking about my future and long term goals. The entire exercise was very useful and eye-opening and it doesnt stops there. Melvin after helping me plan also checked on my progress as well as nudged so that I actually start the investments. And when I had challenge in opening certain things, he happily jumped in and helped to resolve directly which was really beneficial.I would highly recommend Melvin to any one who wants a true and honest advice on what where they currently are against their long term goals and as well as help to plan financial independence and achieve your goals.
Varun Agarwal, Delhi
Hi MelvinMyself and Malini really appreciate the advise which you given us with respect to our finances since the start of 2018.While we had been investing regularly via SIP, majority of our funds were very much locked into real estate where the returns were not very good. After speaking with you it became very clear that it makes sense to sell off the house and re- invest.Similarly we were under insured and timely advise has helped us to increase the insurance amount significantly both in our life and health insurances.Overall we have been able to clarify and align our future objectives and current investment plans, without any implications for lifestyle. This gives us a lot of confidence planning for the future. Also as our needs evolve, we know we now have the right person with to mentor and guide us on the journey ahead.
Balaji , Mumbai
I always wanted to take the support of a fee only Financial Planner to guide me on my different life goals. My wait ended when I came to know about Mr. Melvin through freefincal.com. Melvin comes across as a person who can be contacted any time, doesn’t hesitate in correcting the clients thoughts in case they are not prudent, gives due importance wherever necessary (for example covering risk is given more importance than foregoing one month of investment). Overall I am satisfied with the plan suggested
NC, Chennai
For one to receive a direct message from an investment adviser, its very easy these days. All you have to do is post a few words like 'personal finance', 'Investment ideas', 'mutual funds', etc in a Facebook post or whats-app group. Needless to say, their promises and offers will sound nothing short of lucrative. But if you read up a bit on financial advisers in google, you will understand that there is a difference between fee-based and fee only planners.Once I understood the difference, I shortlisted a few fee-only advisers and zeroed in on Melvin Joseph. I talked to many of Melvin's existing customers through Facebook and every response was pleasant and positive.I can see why, now that I am one of his client. Melvin took all my details, personal, professional, financial, assets, liabilities and came up with a plan for my goals in future. He is patient in explaining all my past investment mistakes and has set a route for me to walk. Now it is up to me to walk down that path and I am re-assured that I will reach my Financial Goals.I became a Finvin family member recently, and this is my initial experience. I will surely update this testimonial, after a few years
Hari Rak K, Bangalore
I started investing in mutual funds in 2016. I managed my portfolio on my own and learnt about mutual investing from various online sources. Once my corpus grew to a significant amount, I was not comfortable making big decisions on my own and wanted some trusted, unbiased advice. My search led to Mr. Melvin Joseph.He has helped me document and streamline my investments, identify goals and map my investments accordingly. Also, he has helped in pruning the number of funds and identifying the right funds too.He helped me uncover significant gaps in my insurance coverage and suggested me the right products. When I had difficulty in getting those products he further helped with the process. He helped me understand the importance of medical insurance coverage though me and my spouse have our own employer provided coverages. I am really thankful for that.I feel more confident about my investments as I have the backing of a trusted advisor now. I see his services akin to the insurance premiums we pay, where the premium is way small compared to the safety provided.
Saravana Perumal, Bangalore
I was investing in regular mutual funds since 2016 through an advisor who did not charge any fee from me. Although was well aware of the commission my advisor use to get through mutual fund houses. I was ok with that but was not confident if the advise given to me was unbiased.Was looking for someone who can provide financial health check with no direct or indirect link with product commissions.Google search got me the list of fee only financial advisor from the website moneychai.com.After vetting all the advisor I selected one of the most experienced advisor Mr Melvin Joseph.As he was based in Navi Mumbai was able to meet him too.Melvin sir has many NRE ( merchant mariner) client so he was able to suggest me NRE specific investment options.After his able advise started to shift to Direct Mutual Fund option in a tax efficient manner, increased my term plan life insurance cover etc.I do not trust people easily but I trust Mr Melvin and happy with the service provided by him.I highly recommend him to my friends and family.
Captain Praveen
I have availed services of other financial advisors in the past. But I must say Melvin stands out for his knowledge, clear thinking and unbiased advise.I felt the financial plan provided by Melvin was comprehensive taking into account my specific requirements. He made me understand shortcomings in my earlier financial plan w.r.t insurance, asset allocation etc and how to rectify it. There were many aspects about which product to be used for a particular goal that were suggested to me by Melvin that I never heard from my previous advisors. This is probably where having a fee-only advisor makes a difference compared to traditional financial advisors.Melvin has been proactive in reaching out for half-yearly review and check whether I am on track towards executing the plan.He is easily approachable and provides honest, un-biased views on queries. I would definitely recommend Melvin to others.
Sachin, Bangalore
I went for Mr. Melvin's financial consultancy when I could no longer spend hours and hours on reading about various mutual funds on internet and to read various review for them by different investors. Mr. Melvin provided the right direction for investing and also helped me in crafting the correct goals and thus a proper structure for investment has been created for me and my family. I fully believe that its going to be very beneficial in future years.
Swati Verma, Dehradun
Finance is such an area where everyone (including friends and family) is a self-declared expert and there is a lot of advice available online as well as in person.Thus, this is an area where everyone comes with pre-conceived notions and their own personal experiences and shares their "knowledge". Moreover, it is also an area where each and everyone sharing their knowledge has a personal agenda of selling you a product and thus gaining from your investment. This happens even though your friend/ family member is a well-wisher, sometimes unwittingly but more often, wilfully. Hence, it is very difficult to trust someone in this field.However, there are very few individuals (such as yourself), who treat each and every case differently and give different advice based on an individual's situation. You also indicate that there are options readily available in the market which cost much less if done directly.There is absolutely no doubt that we have gained from your sound advice and suggestions and have been saved from the agents/dealers in the financial industry.Thank you very much.
FK, Bangalore
I had availed Mr. Melvin's expertise is assessing my financial goals, investments and insurance plans. I was satisfied with his services and would recommend him to anyone willing to avail consultancy & advisory services pertaining to Personal Finance.
DM, Kolkata
In fact, I had no idea that a financial adviser can really help me in investing my fund in suitable schemes available.my son Animesh residing in London suggested me to go for a professional adviser and invest accordingly. He searched online and recommended few names, I just opted for Mr Melvin Joseph and approached him by email. He promptly responded and offered his service. His fee was very affordable. I invested as per his plannings and it is almost one year and i found that all funds suggested by him are giving very good dividends to me. Mr Melvin is very prompt in responding queries and doubts over phone, mail, or WhatsApp. He is in constant touch with me through WhatsApp and sending tips time to time. I am really thankful to him for his valuable service and to my son who introduced him to me.
G.S Pande, New Delhi
"I had done a part of my financial investments myself for the last 10 years after I had started earning and believed I was on the right track. After I contacted Melvin sir in Jan 2019, I realised I was so wrong!!I had never looked at financial planning the way sir had by asking about existing investments, future goals, amount I want to invest, and multitude of other numbers all captured in a single excel. This gave a complete different understanding of where I stood w.r.t. the future and what was amiss. Sir drafted a very clear plan for us for all of our goals which also included insurance which I had ignored so far, partly because I never thought I needed to do it.Since then, I had consulted sir on multiple occasions and his responses were always prompt and to the point. The best part is he is always reachable for any follow up queries and explains all his inputs well to meet a layman's knowledge of the domain. After taking Melvin's sir services, I feel confident that my financial planning is on the right track."
Nidhi, Bangalore
This January (2019) after turning 39, suddenly i realized i am very bad as far as investment is concerned coz i am not an expert to manage my finance. and after extensive research to find out "SEBI recognised fee for service financial advisor" i concluded on three names. After going through several reviews of these three i decided to go for Melvin. Surprisingly within six months, my portfolio is magnificent. does it mean Melvin deposited his own hard-earned money into mine portfolio, NO its all my money and i have been earning the same amount for the last couple of years (but never reflected in the portfolio coz i never invested or spent it mindfully). So the bottom line is when you don't know something hire someone who knows it better. He is highly recommended.thank you Melvin.
Dr. Abhishek Katakwar , Bangalore
I was looking for a financial planner who can understand my financial goals and risk appetite to streamline my existing investments. Melvin was the perfect fit to streamline my finances and highlighted my financial mistakes. His analysis was systematic and thorough and provided excellent recommendations. One of the best thing about his services is he is always approachable and provides prompt responses. I highly recommend Melvin for his excellent financial planning knowledge and services.
Kiran Kumar, Bangalore
Melvin's systematic approach of investing and goal based investment has provided a clear picture of various investment products and streamlined my investment approach. I would recommend Melvin for others , who needs to check their Financial health.He provides prompt response for any investment related queries and his periodic followup to review is an example for the care he provides on customer investment. Thank you sir for your guidance.
Satheesh Kumar Annamalai, Chennai
There is a saying that NRIs spend all their life making money, but not all of them have the skills or knowledge on how to plan and invest their money wisely. This is where Melvin stepped in to support me in ensuring that my life’s financial goals were realized through appropriate and efficient action. I can say that within 6 months, I am on my way to getting there.
Dr. Rajeev Thomas, Chennai
Earlier I used to be adviced by a friend who was my financial advisor. I thought I was investing right.Lately, I was introduced to the idea of a fee-only financial planner by my senior colleague. It was great finding Mr. Melvin Joseph as my fee-only planner.After consulting Mr. Melvin, I found him to be really passionate about his profession. He is homely and easily accessible anytime.After I sent my financial details to Mr. Melvin, His planning brought to my awareness that, my goals and aspirations, retirement age cost, the inflation cost was not considered professionally. Also observed, there were many unwanted investments not beneficient in the future. Which could be beneficially invested elsewhere.Mr. Melvin made a financial plan for me without any self-bias, wholly centered to my interest. I acted upon it and executed it at the earliest.Honestly, I now feel that my investments are streamlined and my goals and aspirations are met in joyful good time.I have the utmost faith that, My financial planning is in the hands of a friendly, unbiased and very professional person.I am indeed so very thankful to Mr. Melvin.He brings joy to us making us invest rightly. May God bring him more joy in return
R. Sanil, Bangalore
I am working in the oil and gas industry in middle east. The year 2017 was a wake-up call for me. I realized that the future here is not very promising because of the fluctuations in oil price and the localization of jobs. I knew I need some expert advice to manage my finances and achieve my goals. I started reading a lot of financial journals and blogs and came to know about Finvin Financial planners and Melvin Sir. After going through all my existing investments he advised all the necessary changes and adjsutments. Now I feel a lot more confident about achieving my goals and even I am thinking about an early retirement if thing work out as planned.Thanks to Melvin Sir and his team.
Jose Thomas, Kuwait.
Hello Mr Melvin ,I am very satisfied with your services. Few Top things:- you are very transparent and ethical.- understands the requirements well ( even if not told clearly by me ) and accordingly propose solutions.- you state what is right that needs to be done rather than what I want to hear and that helps the client immensely.Looking forward to continuing my association with you.Best Regards,
BB - Mumbai
It was an absolute pleasure to have Melvin's advice to plan my finances. He provided me a very holistic and practical view of how to work on financial plans for all aspects of life including contingency planning, risk assessment and building a balanced portfolio. He is very knowledgeable, easy to approach and extremely prompt. I wish I could have consulted him earlier in my career and benefited from his advice
P. Sharma, Dubai
Good morning Melvin,It was nice discussing with you yesterday.I am happy with your suggestions/Final Plan and I would like to place on record my appreciation for your excellent professional and practical approach in understandingmy needs and coming up with a simple yet effective plan. At every stage, your long experience, deep knowledge and insights were very evident. I am most impressed and would happily recommend you to my relatives/friends.Thanks and best regards, and wish you well,
P. Shenoy
Melvin is very decisive and provided recommendation to me based on my goals/profile and helped me to re-adjust my portfolio. The greatest benefit I see so far is he sticks with the right advice even if I wanted to deviate based on the the programs I see from various TV channels. Though my acquaintance with him is just six months, I feel I can fall back on his advice like a trustful mentor of mine and be rest assured
VAM, Bangalore
I am a 39 year old NRI who engaged with Melvin few months back to get my financial health back on track. Although, I have been saving well I was not sure if I was wisely managing my finances well to build a secure future for my family. Melvin helped in doing a thorough assessment of my finances and identifying gaps in my portfolio. It was an eye opener looking at so many gaps! What I really liked about Melvin is that he did not sell financial products but gave an unbiased view on what best works for me given my goals and current assessment. The other key attribute that I would call out is his customer service. I know I can reach out to Melvin at any point in time to resolve my queries without being charged! His responses are always prompt and he has been really a guiding light for me at a critical juncture of my life. I have recommended Melvin to my friends and relatives for this top notch financial assessment and customer service.
Nikesh P, Singapore
We got introduced to Melvin a few months back. Although he was not even in our city we still decided to take his services and try. Since then it has been a wonderful experience. We never felt the distance and whatever queries we had were responded to within the defined time frames. Overall we are satisfied by Melvin's financial planning.
Vikas, New Delhi
Hi Melvin,Yes, I can say we have been duly satisfied with your services as a fee only financial planner.Having worked in a business news channel and having the insight of financial awareness events and shows, I always thought that my finances were well sorted. It's only when we had a life transforming event we realised that our finances were in shape but our financial goals were misaligned. And after Melvin we realised so many other things were missing in our financial landscape like necessary health insurance, having the right investment allocation etc. The best part about Melvin is that he's so easily accessible, he can be called our financial GP, whom we can call anytime to fix our financial health.Him being a fee-only financial planner makes him a credible and trustworthy source for our financial issues. We are assured that when we get any financial advice from Melvin, he will not have a conflict of interest in his advice and with his deft reading of the financial and insurance markets. We know, we are always in safe hands.
Kunal & Bindi, Mumbai
One of the biggest asset of any financial planner ( expertise is a given ,hence not explicitly mentioning the same ) is patience and approach-ability. Mr Melvin is patience personified and is always ready to devote time whenever a client needs him. A carefully crafted financial plan coupled with regular and timely interventions ( whenever needed ) is what i expected from my financial planner. Mr Melvin added a 3rd bit to it i.e. reality check. Am at peace now..and aware that my investments are in right hands. Thank you Mr Melvin!!
Atul B, Delhi
Mr Melvin is one of the most approachable investment adviser, gives no nonsense financial advise, designs portfolio based on ones risk profile and always ready to answer any queries related to financial plan in a simple way. A humble person with great knowledge of financial planing.
Sid, Delhi
I had never defined a goal for my future, neither I was investing in right medium. That is when I read about Finvin. Finvin helped me to aggregate my income sources and plan for my future expenses and also to secure my family. Melvin could explain me in detail why I have to invest in each source and why it would be better than any other investment. Moreover he just do the recommendation of products and I was free to compare, evaluate and choose the best in market. Finvin regularly assess the performance of my investments and promptly respond to all my queries.
Sachin Francis, Bangalore
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