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Your Trusted Partner for all Financial Needs
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Unbiased Financial Planning Services at Affordable Prices
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SEBI Registered & Fee Only Certified Financial Planner
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Your Trusted Partner For All Financial Needs

Retirement Planning

Increasing longevity and absence of any social security system, makes retirement planning utmost important to all of us in India. We help you in creating decent retirement fund to ensure quality of life for your golden years. Pension policies may not be the ideal product for retirement planning.

Tax Planning

Fixed deposit is one the most safe investments but it is not the most tax efficient option. We help you in reducing your tax burden by suggesting tax friendly investment options as per the tax laws.

Higher Education Planning

The cost of an MBA which cost 20 Lacs now can be around 63 Lacs after 15 years with 8% inflation. We will help you in planning for this to ensure that your child is getting the best possible higher education. Children policies may not be the best option for this.

Marriage Expense Planning

All of us have big dreams regarding marriage of our children. We help you in ensuring that you have enough money for this goal at the right time by investing in the right instruments.

Watch this quick 2 minutes video to understand how a financial planner can help you.


Melvin is an amazing financial advisor. He suggests the right avenues for investments specific to the goals and risk appetite of the person. He is able to suggest a holistic plan for the entire family. Earlier I was never aware of the importance of financial planning.

Neela Shashikumar, Bangalore

I started investing in mutual funds in in 2016. I managed my portfolio on my own and learnt about mutual investing from various online sources. Once my corpus grew to a significant amount, I was not comfortable making big decisions on my own and wanted some trusted, unbiased advice.

Saravana Perumal, Bangalore

I was investing in regular mutual funds since 2016 through an advisor who did not charge any fee from me. Although was well aware of the commission my advisor use to get through mutual fund houses. I was ok with that but was not confident if the advise given to me was unbiased.

Captain Praveen

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