How to Create Portfolio in Value Research Online

Rajendran was very skeptical in moving from regular plan to direct plan. He used to get consolidated view of all his funds from his agent. It was easy for him to understand the portfolio value .

He was not ready to move to direct plan even when he understand that he can get much better returns in direct plans.

I explained him how to create a portfolio in and how he can track his portfolio as and when he want.

It is a onetime exercise to create your portfolio there. After that, you can track daily movement of the portfolio, allocation between equity & debt, allocation between Large, Mid and small cap etc.

What is more, you can get the capital gain details for taxation also.

Rajendran now invest in direct plan happily and is happy with the Value Research online portfolio tool.

But do not create a habit of watching it daily. It will only increase your blood pressure not your portfolio value. Ideally, watch it once in 3 months.


Step by Step Process to Create Portfolio in Value Research Online 

How to create portfolio in value research online – Download the PDF

Steps to manage your Portfolio:

  • Go to
  • Sign up if you do not have an account (on the top -right hand side)
  • Login If you already have an account
  • Sign up has 3 options- With Google Account, Facebook Account and e-mail id and password
  • If you sign up with google account or Facebook account, it will ask for your permission.
  • If you sign up with e-mail id and password, it will send OTP.
  • Enter OTP and click on OK, your account will be created.
  • Click on my portfolio in the menu bar.
  • Name your portfolio without ant space.
  • To start with Funds or Stocks- Tick on any one and click to continue.
  • If you want to add your mutual funds portfolio one by one- Click on Mutual Fund, it will give the required fields to add your mutual funds.
  • Mutual Funds SIPs need to be added one by one even if you are uploading your detailed CAMS statement.
  • For stock portfolio, create the excel with required fields and upload or you can do it one by one by adding stocks.
  • Process to get detailed statement from CAMS- Go To Cams OnlineàClick on Investor Services à Click on mailback servicesàClick on consolidate CAMS+Karvy Statementà Tick on Detailed Statementà Enter the specific periodà Enter your e-mail id and passwordàClick on Submit
  • You will get your CAMS statement on your e-mail ID
  • Go to Value ResearchàClick on Upload TransactionsàIt will ask for PDF or ExcelàClick on PDFàUpload the CAMS PDF
  • It will ask for PDF password. Enter the password and click on continue.
  • It will show your portfolioà Click on Import
  • It will show the entire portfolio- Snapshot, Gains/losses/LTCG/TXN
  • Add SIP manually, it will not take the SIP details from the detailed statement.
  • You are done, sit relax and enjoy the market movements. Do not Stop your SIPs even if the markets are falling.

4 thoughts on “How to Create Portfolio in Value Research Online”

  1. Value research does not specify or name of the fund one needs to invest. It only says big cap fund/small cap/midcap/balance fund etc. But there are many funds in each segment for an investor it becomes difficult which one to choose. If this can clarrified as a perticular fund then it becomes easy for the investor.

  2. Sir, I feel it is better to maintain your data offline in a MS-Excel file rather than using an online tool where data could get comprised. Even if one wants to use an online tool, he/she should figure out some way of maintaining anonymity (if possible).

  3. In portfolio fix income values are not correct even after feeding all parameters correctly. Shows much higher current value than real one.

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