Your Trusted Partner for the last 12 years

I was thrilled to get a call from Mr. Sharma last month.  He is one of our good old clients for the last 10 years.  He joined for our services at age 65, after his retirement. He was sold a bunch of bad life insurance policies by his bank. We helped him to get out of that mess. He introduced Finvin to many of his contacts and his son also joined as a client 5 years ago.

His granddaughter just joined her first job with a consulting firm. He wants her to avail our services now so that she will not make any financial mistakes like her father & grandfather. Mr. Sharma told me “Melvin, since our family has placed total trust in you over the last 10 years, I have asked her to learn personal finance basics from you”.

Yes – Trust or lack of trust is an issue now a days.

  1. Can you trust your family doctor?
  2. Can you trust your neighbour?
  3. Can you trust your boss?
  4. Can you trust your partner?

Everyone has their vested interest and priorities, which in most cases is not in your interest. Dealing with them, we must be careful!

In this age of fast paced life, with fast travel & faster connectivity leading to tumultuous changes in every sphere, especially so in geo-political and economic scenario, the financial and financial services industry has also transformed massively & irreversibly. Technological advances and lifestyle changes have led to immense changes in the manner business is done, in a way that wasn’t imaginable a decade or two ago.

In India, the game had always been of catch-up with the developed world; but of late in many spheres our country is becoming the pioneer leading to overall improvement in standard of living – the shift from needs to wants and now to luxury.

In parallel, with long-term trend of drop-in interest rates as also inflation, the practice of previous generations working till age 60, saving up in fixed return instruments and then living off the bank interest in the twilight years – is no longer viable. This realization, that savings must make way for investment, along with coming of age of the Indian economy, as also reflected in the stock markets and superior investment avenues like Mutual Funds, has led to increasing participation of substantial population in equity.

However, change is always difficult to comprehend and accept – and TRUSTING hard earned savings/ income into avenues without guaranteed returns (as we conservative-minded Indians were used to), is easier said than done.

Finvin Financial Planners started operations on 15th August 2010 purely with ONE NOTION, ONE PRINCIPLE – to breach that trust deficit, and provide genuine unbiased financial advice at affordable fee – with ZERO vested interest! Hence our tag line – Your Trusted Partner for all financial needs!

Having rich experience of more than 3 decades in the Financial Services industry, I have been part of this evolution, impacted both personally and professionally by the transformation. The changed scenario of investment vs saving, criticality of goal-based investing, proper asset allocation and rebalancing, all require a disciplined & focused approach to financial planning and execution. Due importance needs to be accorded to long term goals like child higher education/marriage, retirement, as also shorter-term needs such as purchase of car/house or vacation – and each need calls for differentiated approach and planning.

In this age of increased longevity, higher standard of living, decreasing work years and increasing retirement tenures, coupled with galloping education & medical costs, professional financial advice for each aspect is no longer a matter of choice; it’s a must! Having witnessed at close hand, the short-term outlook of immediate gains rather than customer benefits, employed by the distribution agents of various financial instruments, Finvin Financial Planners has strived to offer a professional no-conflict approach to planning for all financial needs.

To ensure 100% conflict free advice, we are not involved in distribution of any financial products. We suggest online insurances and direct plan in mutual funds etc which clients can purchase online without any agents.  Finvin is a SEBI registered Investment Advisor with SEBI registration number INA000015534.

On our 12th year, we feel honoured to have featured along with other 5 leading financial planners in India in the recently launched book “The Wisest Owl” by Mr. Anupam Gupta.  This book is useful for those who want to become their own financial Planner.

We conduct a detailed analysis of each customer’s age, family, occupation, income, expenses, risk appetite, insurance requirements, passion, aspirations for child education/marriage, home, vehicle, vacation and of course the all-important goal of peaceful retirement – and thereafter offer a detailed plan to achieve these goals within the timeframes. Our annual reviews help the client understand where s/he stands with reference to the original plan, any changes in the circumstances as also rebalancing to ensure proper asset allocation.

In their busy work & life schedule, most are not able to devote required time and energy to perform the above activities, which we perfectly understand. Our expectations from our clients are: (a) frank sharing of actual information regarding above facts and (b) Discipline in sticking to the plan laid out once they understand and agree.

Over these 12 years, Finvin has grown to a 4 -member team now.  With this highly qualified and experienced team, it is our pleasure to serve hundreds of clients across the globe who have benefited from our conflict-free advice. The process is 100% online and we are having clients in all cities in India and most countries where there are NRIs.

On our 12th anniversary, I take this opportunity to thank all our clients and well-wishers for their faith in us. Let’s try our best to serve you. We have always had the clients’ best interests in mind – and we will always be Your trusted partner for all financial needs!

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  1. Congratulations Melvin. You build the relation and trust . You were more than a financial planner to all your customers

  2. Hi Melvin,
    Congratulations for 12 anniversary. Rightly said – “Investment planners support no longer a choice but must”

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