How to Start Online SIP in Direct Plan of Mutual Funds

Direct plans in mutual funds were introduced in 2013 and it is becoming popular among investors. Many investors find it difficult to start SIPs under direct plan.

This article is an attempt to help investors to start SIPs  under direct plan.

Thanks to Mr. Ajay Pruthi, who joined Finvin as Para Planner to put it across with screen shorts and step by step explanation.

Download Step by Step Screen Shot PDF Here – How to Start Online SIPs in Direct Plan of Mutual Funds 

How to Start SIP in Direct Plan of Mutual Funds

How to Start Online SIPs in Direct Plans – ICICI Pru Mutual Funds

Please follow the below mentioned steps to start online SIP.

  1. Keep your existing folio number of ICICI Prudential ready.
  2. You can get the folio numbers from your mutual fund accounts statement/CAMS/NSDL statement.
  3. Go to the website ICICI Prudential AMC (
  4. The website will show 4 options
    • Login to Invest
    • Quick Invest
    • Register Now
    • New to Investing
  5. If you are already investing in regular plans, go to register now and it will ask you for your folio number.
  6. After checking the folio number, it will give you the option of creating User Id and Password.
  7. Create your user ID and Password (Your password should be 8 – 13 characters long. For security reasons it should contain at least one alphabet, numeric and a special (!@#$%^&*) character and one alphabet in upper case.)
  8. OTP will be sent to your Registered mobile number and e-mail id.
  9. After entering the OTP and submit, it will show- Invest Now User ID created.
  10. Click on “click here to login” at the bottom of the page or login at home page with your User Id and password (
  11. Go to Make a Transaction (on the left) àClick on to SIP
  12. It will show the name of BanksàClick on Continue
  13. Select type of Fund in Scheme Type àEquity Fund/Debt Fund/Hybrid/Other
  14. Select the Direct option under Please select Direct in case of direct investment else enter your Broker Code.
    • It will show only regular plans if you do not tick on Direct Option.
  15. Select the Fund Name in which you want to invest (like I have selected ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund – Direct Plan – Growth (Choose only Direct Plans and Growth Option)
  16. Select the monthly SIP amount (some funds do not allow less than 1000 per month) on the left à Select SIP Date on the right.
  17. Give Bank Account Details.
  18. Do not select medical advantage features (it is another way to cross sell products).
  19. Tick mark on “I accept terms and conditions”.
  20. It will gain take you to confirmation page for ECS debit and other details.
  21. Click on the submit button and you are done.
  22. You will get a Unique Registration Number (URN Number)/Transaction Number.
  23. It will take you to Biller Confirmation page of your respective Bank. Add MF as a biller using URN no. and Transaction ID. Your monthly SIP will Start. If you do not add the biller in your bank account, SIP will not Start.

3 thoughts on “How to Start Online SIP in Direct Plan of Mutual Funds”

  1. SIP is the best way to invest in mutual funds in small amounts. It is nice to see you explain how to start sip investment and how it benefits the different investors. People need to save in the present inorder to secure their future. Keep sharing insights on financial investments like this.

  2. Sir I want to invest in direct plan. but it is asking RIA no to complete registration, without that it is not allowing to proceed

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