PM – CARES Fund and CM Relief Funds – Be a COVID 19 Warrior

Everyone is trying to help each other in this situation of COVID 19 –  some by donating money to government and others by voluntary help to the people in need. This unity is what makes India different. Everyone is ready to help- one way or other.

We cannot forget the contribution of doctors, nurses and other hospital staff, police men, municipal workers and people who are serving us day and night through supply of essential commodities.

Now, we have realized the importance of the people who had made our lives so easy whether it is our maids or our car cleaners or the cleaners in the society. Because of these people, we never worried about our food and our clean house or clean society.

For many of us, locked down is offering a nice family time! But for many poor people and migrant workers, these are the days of hunger and hardship. This is the time to help these people who are in very bad situation. Due to the locked down situation, it is difficult for us individually to go out and support these people.

Governments at central and states need huge money to offer support to the needy people. I know that you are contributing to the different relief funds. I just want to request all of you to be bit more generous. If you feel, your job is secure, donate a bit extra.

Charity begins at home.  I have donated my one-month income to these relief funds – 50% to PM CARES Fund and 25% to Maharashtra CM Relief Fund and 25% to Kerala CM Relief Fund.

Those who want to donate, here is the process for PM CARES Fund (I know, you guys know the process). It’s a just bit extra effort from my side.

PM CARES Fund – How to Donate

Here is the process to donate to PM CARES Fund

(Please note that it is different from Prime Minister National Relief Fund)

(Donations to PM CARES Fund would qualify for 80G benefits for 100% exemption under the Income Tax Act, 1961. Donations to PM CARES Fund will also qualify as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) expenditure for corporates under the Companies Act, 2013)

  1. Go to PM India gov website (
  2. Click on – Click for donation details (It’s a box below the picture of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi)
  3. A pop up will appear in which the details of the SBI bank are given.
  4. You can also donate through UPI at UPI address given in pop up
  5. Donation can be given by scanning the code (Scanning like you are doing on daily basis through paytm, Google pay, Phone pay etc.)

Different banks also have different accounts for PM CARES fund. You can directly login to your bank account to pay as per the guidelines. Here are the links for different banks



Axis Bank

CM relief Fund- Maharashtra

You can also donate in CM relief fund. Here is an example of Maharashtra Chief Minister Relief fund

  2. Select donor category- It can be individual, business etc.
  3. Select Fund as Chief minister`s Relief Fund-COVID 19
  4. It will take you to the second page where you will have to fill some details and the amount you want to donate.
  5. Then it will redirect you to your bank page – You will have to login and it is done.

Here is the list of all states which are accepting donations for COVID -19

Please feel free to donate.  We will overcome. Stay home Stay Safe.


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