How to get CIBIL Score Online/Offline?

What is a CIBIL Score?

A  Credit Score issued by Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited with details of all your credit transactions is called CIBIL Report. CIBIL allot a value between 300- 900 depending on your credit history and this unique value is your CIBIL Score. If you are having a higher score, your chances are high to get further loan. It is better to check your CIBIL Score before applying to any home loan etc. It will be difficult for you to get a loan, if your CIBIL Score is less than 700.

How to apply for CIBIL Score online

Yes, it is possible now.CIBIL Score Online

Here you have to fill in your personal details including the contact number. It will ask for an identity proof and an address proof. You have to give your credit card number or any loan account number to enable CIBIL to trace your details.

After this you will be directed to the online payment option. You have to make payment using credit card, debit card or internet banking options. The cost of your CIBIL score with Credit Information Report (CIR) is Rs. 470/-

After the successful payment of the above fee, you will be asked to answer some questions on your credit history to authenticate your identity. You must have your credit card numbers, credit limit, highest credit availed etc to answer these questions. Once your identity is authenticated, you will get a mail confirmation from CIBIL regarding successful authentication. It will allot you a registration ID and a transaction ID. You will get the receipt for the payment of fee by email. You will get the CIBIL report in the next 4 working days by email.

If by chance your authentication is not successful, you have to take a print out of your application, payment receipt and sent to CIBIL along with an identity proof and address proof to get your CIBIL Score as hard copy. The address is given below:

CIBIL, 6th Floor. Hoechst House, 193, Back Bay Reclamation, Nariman Point, Mumbai- 400021.

How to apply for CIBIL Score offline?

You may download the application form from the CIBIL website. Please use the attached link for downloading the application form.

Documents required

Along with the above application, you have to attach your identity proof (PAN Card, pass port etc) and address proof. You have to attach the demand draft of Rs.470/- to get the CIBIL Score and CIR. If you want only the CIR, pay only Rs.154/-. You can send the details to the address mentioned above to get the report by post.

There are many factors which affect your CIBIL Score. You can also improve your score by clearing your outstanding dues and following it up with the banks. In western countries, there are differential interest rates for customers depending on their credit scores. We may also expect the same to be introduced in India in the coming days. It is very important to ensure a high CIBIL score now.

45 thoughts on “How to get CIBIL Score Online/Offline?”

  1. what if some one have a low cibil score, but no dues……it should be the pending EMIs (dues) calculated instead of counting bounce payments

    or after the dues paid cibil should be updated to full score irrespective of the bounce

    1. You have to follow up with your bank, so that they will update regarding your payment of dues to CIBIL.But, it will take some time for your score to improve.

  2. Dear Sir ,

    My Name is Walter Monis , Recently when I applied for the Loan Understand that My CIBIL RATING is not good , Please note I have cleared all my loans , request you to help me to correct my CIBIL RATING ,

    Name : Walter Monis.

    Adress: No.208, 6th cross,
    Visweharayya Enclave ,
    Near MNT Technical Institute ,
    Jalahalli WEST
    Bangalore -560015
    Cell- 9008107320.

    Pan Card No . AAYPM3140R

    Please do the needful

    Yours Faithfully.

    Walter Monis

    1. Even if you clear all your dues now, it will take some time for the CIBIL report to improve. Please follow up with the bank and ensure that they report the repayment particulars to CIBIL correctly. If that is done, wait for your score to improve. Also ensure prompt repayment of all loans in time.

  3. i applied for cridit got rejected twice..and with two banks…could u please explain me why?and how to get credit card..quickly

  4. Hi Sir

    Need a help i have applied for a credit score and filled a form and made a payment through net banking but after a transaction successful the website was automatically disconnected due to a technical issue i don’t have my registration id to claim could you help me to get my scores without transaction id could not upload my documents

    Please sir Help me out

    Requesting You
    Rahul Sharma

  5. Ashutosh Chaphekar.

    Hi Sir/Madam,

    I need a personal Loan urgently, as I has some priorities. I purchased new LCD and washing machine form VIJAY SALES Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune. on finance from Bajaj finance on 15th MAY 2011. The person from Bijaj Finance did some mistake while filling up the form, and all the documents where submitted to Bajaj Finance perfectly. I was waiting for the EMI to get deduct form my CITI bank account. I kept sufficient balance in my account. The date was 5th of every month. Even after keeping sufficient balance in my bank A/C, my 1st EMI got bounced. Next day I got a call from Bajaj Finance executive stating that the EMI has been bounced, at that time I had an argument with that lady over the phone. She told that every month our executive will come to you n collect your money for next 8 months.
    Recently in Sep 2012, I had to purchase new Bajaj Pulsar and i needed finance from Bajaj Auto. My application was rejected, reason was the same I had bounces Before(same which are mentioned above). Some how I could manage the loan of 55000 Rs form Shri Ram City Finance paying extra, But have kept all my banking records clear till date.
    Today I need a personal loan of Rs. 4 Lakhs urgently. I am applying for it but advisors for the banks give me same reason that my CIR/ Cibil Score or CIBIL report is not clear.

    I seriously need help. I honestly been paying all the dues on time but still my name is reflecting in CIBIL records without my mistake. I have all the proofs with me.

    Immediate response would be appreciated.

    1. Once the CIBIL score is affected, it will take time to get it improved, even if you start repaying correctly. Or you have to get the Bajaj finance data corrected by themselves and they have to report it to CIBIL.

  6. Jyoti Ranjan Jena

    I got a job in a pvt bank.but i have some overdues of loan in a bamk.which affect my cibil joining process is stopped due to bad CIBIL rating..please help..
    how i will improve my CIBIL rating and join as soon as posible.

    1. Sorry to say that it will take some time for your CIBIL score to improve even after you are clearing all the dues now. You repay the loan immediately and ask your bank to report the matter to CIBIL.

  7. Hello Sir

    Before two years back I took HDFC Credit card and its end date is Dec 2013. It has a Credit Limit of 80,000. But sometimes I used above credit Limit and I paid minimum due and Over Limit fee also

    Moreover from the last one year my total due is full, i.e 80,000. Every month I paid only minimum due and again I used the credit card. So the next month statement shows full Outstanding amount 80,000. Due to some problems, every month I paid minimum amount due+ Over limit Fee + some times Late Fee.There is no Last month Dues in my statements

    My due date is 2nd of every month and my bill generated date is 12th of every month and usually I paid minimum due on 5tth..But I paid it every month before the next month bill generation. I planned to pay full outstanding amount80,000 before the cards end date

    Does this effect my CIBIL Score. Please help me

    1. Yes, your CIBIL score will be average because of this repayment track record. Apply for CIBIL score and confirm it.
      Also, clear the credit card dues at the earliest, because it is the costliest loan in the world! Stop using the credit card till you clear the dues.

  8. I got selected in pvt bank . i had some overdues in my credit card .. as of now i hold 5 cards.. one in use and payment are promt . 2 cards i have gone for settlement and made it . 2 cards still settlement is pending iam willing to go for settlement for these 2 cards…as on date the credit score is 558

    if i go for it, will the score get increased… do banks have minimum score that a candidate shouds have before joining them.. pls help me and give a solution so that i can join asap….

    1. It will take some time for your score to improve, even if you settle all the dues now. But better late than never. Clear the dues immediately and try your luck. good luck.

  9. Thanks Melvin . But if any known higher official in the bank is recommending , will i be able to get thru with low cibil score

      1. Hi Melvin,
        Am looking for loan and i got my new pan card , can i get loan immediatley with new pan and also wat will be cibil scor in newley issue pan ard.

  10. Hi Melvin
    Thanks for the excellent post. I had a credit card with bank way back in 2005. I used very less still always made payment on time.In 2006 I closed the card by calling Bank. But in 2010,bank has come up with asking there was due of 2000 R/s and it amounts to 1,50,000 with interest. we had arguments.
    Now when i apply loan/credit card, i am getting rejected in other banks.
    1) Is it my old bank reported some problem to CIBIL and CIBIL just take it.
    2) If due to that fake complaint, CIBIL had data, what shall I do. I do not see the prospect of talking to Old bank.
    Request your kind advice

    1. Yes, your old bank would have reported the issue and that is why the score got affected. The way out is to take the issue with banking ombudsman and get it resolved. You should have all the old records to prove your claim.

  11. Hi . I got a job in pvt bank and in the process they checked my cibil score which they got it as risk profile but till today I have not had any kind of financial obligation with banks . But how come I got it in risk profile
    Please help me to over come this issue as I have to join asap

    1. There are many reason for a low CIBIL score. Even Frequent enquiry for new credit cards and personal loans can affect the score.

  12. Hi,
    I have paid all my dues (thru settlement and closed) for my credit cards and loans by Jan2013.I am finding a job but nt getting due to the low score .Kindly help me out in this as how will my score will be improved.My latest score is 587.

    1. Settlement cases will be reported to CIBIL as default, unless you follow up with the lender. Once the CIBIL score is affected, it will take years to restore it to a good level.

  13. I had no idea my credit was bad. The guys at Credit Sudhaar analysed my report. The process took some time but my credit was restored, enhanced and protected. I have no reason for complaints.

  14. Can I apply offline for my cibil score if yes than what is the procedure because I had applied online but it was not successful should i fill the form manually and the Demand Draft would be required to made in favour of whom. plz suggest me on the issue. Thanks
    J Thakur

    1. You can fill the form online and make the payment using credit/debit card. Please follow the steps given in the article.

  15. If there is any issue with your CIBIL report like clearance or updation or if the CIBIL score is less than 750 we will improve where there would not be any problem in future to apply, any Loans, & Credit cards or if you getting any harassment calls please do call me or leave a MSG Syed 8095355329

  16. My application was rejected. Credit Sudhaar was my choice. Initially they were slow. But their counsellors were able to handle all my queries. I will give Credit Sudhaar a positive review.

  17. i want to become SEBI registered financial advisor but my cibil score is very bad i am having 6 outstanding loans+ credit card bills pending since 2011, i have already applied for SEBI registration but cibil score card is not furnished yet to them.
    my questions are:
    1) if i submit my existing CIBIL score card will my application get rejected?
    2) CIBIL score card is mandatory for SEBI financial advisor registration?
    3) Should i make my credit score correct before producing the CIBIL score card toSEBI? or i should submit my existing CIBIL score card ?

    Plz guide me sir.


  18. Sqn. Ldr. J.P. Singh

    Sir, I had taken Car loan from ABN AMRO Bank way back in 2000. Based on my regular payment and may be some other reason, they issued me a credit card. I used it for some time. After that I stopped the use of credit card, because I was having Credit card of ICICI Bank. When I stopped using ABN AMRO Bank card, I told them that I am not going to use it any more. I cut the card in 2 pieces and thrown in the dust bin. ABN AMRO Bank went on charging me Annual Charges despite me not using the card. I did not pay annual charges and thus accumulated amount and interest thereon, it came to some around Rs.10,000/=. In 2010 I applied to CIBIL to know my credit rating, then I was told that I am defaulter of Royal Bank of Scotland. To my dismay it was a news because no transaction with Royal Bank of Scotland. Few moths ago I got call from Yes Bank or I do not remember the name of bank that I have to pay around Rs. 10000/. I asked for what, they said for ABN AMRO Bank’s credit card. I asked them to provide me the details,they said they will check back from CIBIL and let me know. Till date no information has come. Under such circumstances an innocent person is trapped by CIBIL. They should go into gravity of the situation and not just because bank forwards some name and amount, they put the name in defaulters list. In this bargain, banks shall start exploiting people who are desperately in need of Home loan. Please advice me the right course of action to set the things right. I am still holding Crdit Card of ICICI Bank, renewed at the time it falls due for. I have very high credit worthiness in opinion of ICICI Bank. System in CIBIL needs to be overhauled in order to make it practical.

    1. This is a common issue faced by many innocent customers. If you are cancelling a credit card, simply destroying it will not serve the purpose. You have to inform the bank also about this. Then they will close the account and there will not be any further charges. otherwise the charges will mount to very high in no time because of the high rate of interest of around 3 to 4% per month!! CIBIL has no way to identify who is genuine and who is not. Once the score is affected, it will take 3-4 years for it to improve.

  19. Thank you for looking an ad regarding cibil we provide personal loan, credit card, HOME LOANS for the customers who have the cibil score above 650 and also we do take care of settlement part and closure and also in updating the status closed and settled in the report and improving the cibil score within 30days of time so please contact soon syed 8095355329

  20. Hi Sir,

    I have downloaded my CIBIL score and it was showing 751. Please tell me is this score is good? I have very good track record from 1 year. I had a problem in 2009 in repayment of my credit card but I have closed my loan and there are no comments in written-off and settlement section. Will i get loan from any bank in near future?

    1. 751 is good. It will take some time to improve your score, if you had problems with credit card. Yes, you can get loan with a score of 751, if otherwise you are eligible.

  21. Hi sir i took loan in shriram city its 2 wheeler loan with 24month emi i paid only 1year EMI after that i lost my bike so i stopped paying my emi now my name will be in cibil?? People are saying only banking will cones under cibil

  22. Dear Joseph, I purchased CIR online and it showed 764 as score. When applied for a loan, banker claims that the score is 600+. I’ve verified calling CIBIL team and they confirms that reports what I got it the final one 764. Wondering what should be the reason. Loans are being rejected now.

    Can you suggest or help me understand what could be the problem?

  23. Hello,

    I have always paid my credit card bill in full. Recently got two overlimit charges on my statement. Will this affect my credit score? Also, the bank guys have agreed to reverse the charges.

  24. Dear sir , I had applied for loan to buy iphone but my cibil score is less than 700 but I have paid every loan in time and no dues , no late payment, no check bounce but still my cibil points are low can u pls help me.
    waiting for ur reply

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