How to earn around 8% for your surplus money in SB account?

4 thoughts on “How to earn around 8% for your surplus money in SB account?”

  1. I hear that a plan called SBI Life – Shubh Nivesh gives an assured 12% interest with a minimum lock in period of 5years.
    This is tax free aswell…..why should one consider FD except for liquidity when FD gives max of 8 to 8.5% post tax where as this plan from SBI offers 12%
    Could you plz giveyour openion…


    1. No insurance plan can offer 12% assured returns in the current in interest rate situation. If anybody is offering this, run away from him,because he is trying to sell with wrong promises. Go for online term insurance and invest your money in combination of PPF and good mutual funds for better returns.

  2. Thanks…Yes I made it out that this guy is selling probably making 12% for himself 🙂

    By the way PPF is proposed to be market linked…so will this be a wise idea?
    Please Suggest some good mutual funds to invest in….


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