SEBI registered Investment advisor (RIA) with Registration number – INA 000000342.

Melvin started Finvin Financial Planners in 2010 as the fee only model. In 2013, SEBI came out with Investment Adviser’s Regulations and he got registered as an Investment Adviser. He helps his clients in investing in the best suited products. He recommends online term policies and direct plans in mutual funds in the interest of the clients.

The selection of a financial planner is very important for your financial health. There are three types of financial planners available in the market. They are:

Commission based

They are generally associated with insurance /mutual fund companies and are receiving commission income from those companies. Their primary target is to sell the products of the company which they represent.

Fee Based

Such planners will be having earnings from both sides – fee from clients and commission from the financial product selling. There is a possibility of conflict of interest in this.

Fee Only Planner

Such planners are getting income only from their clients as the fee. Since they don’t sell any products, they can help clients in recommending the best suited products as per their needs. They are not having any sales targets and can protect the interest of their clients.

SEBI Registered Investment Adviser (RIA)

Selecting a financial planner is an important decision in your financial life. He will be like your family doctor. The element of trust & confidentiality is very important.

SEBI took the first step in this direction in 2013 and came out with Investment Adviser Regulation. As per this, only those who are registered with SEBI as an Investment Adviser can act as a financial planner and give financial advice. SEBI registered Investment Advisers (RIA) will be the better option for you while selecting a financial planner.  Please note how these advisers are different:

  • Professional Qualification – To become an Investment Adviser, SEBI has laid down stringent guidelines on educational qualification. The candidate should have a certification from National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) or CFP qualification from Financial Planning Standard Board India (FPSB)
  • Fiduciary Responsibility – This is your advantage. RIA has a fiduciary responsibility of working in your interest and he can be held responsible for any breach of trust. This will ensure that the RIA will keep your interest as priority while rendering the services.
  • Code of Conduct – RIAs are bound to adhere to the code of conduct by SEBI. The regulations are in line with global standards.
  • Letter of engagement – RIA will be signing a letter of engagement which clearly mentions the fees, scope of services, conflict of interest if any etc.
  • Compliance – RIAs have to adhere to compliance directed by SEBI. Maintenance of records, annual audit of books of accounts etc are part of compliance. RIA is a regulated person to deal with.

As an investor, it will be better to deal with a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) to ensure unbiased financial advice without any conflict of interest.

Melvin Joseph is a SEBI registered Investment adviser (RIA) with Registration number – INA 000000342.


I approached Melvin based on my Friend's recommendation, for the record i have been doing my own financial planning for quite sometime which is largely goal based, but i needed somebody who is independent and can provide an unbiased review of my planning and any corrections needed.


Melvin took me through an elaborate process of collecting information on my Assets & Liabilities and then suggesting a roadmap to my financial independence. I got a clear view of my current financial standing and the stuff i need to do for my Health Insurance, Childrens Education, their Marriage and my Retirement as well.


Good part is Melvin will be there for any queries and periodic reviews of my portfolio for any course corrections. All in all I am much more at ease now and Thanks to Melvin for all the support.

Pradeep, Bangalore

I needed Melvin's services for my dad's finances. At the time of contacting Melvin, my dad's retirement was about 5 years away, and he had been planning to construct a house in a tier-1 city over next 2 years.

To be honest, I have fair bit of understanding myself on how to do a goal-based financial plan. However, my dad's financial requirements were so complex, that I wasn't sure on how to go about allocating assets for these.

Melvin took him through a rigorous process of self-evaluation on his finances. This was holistic, covered my dad's existing investments, emergency funds, as well as health insurance requirements.

When we received the financial plan; it was clear to my dad on how to go about allocating funds for various goals. Most importantly, my dad, who has believed for decades, in traditional fixed deposits, post-office deposits etc; was ready to understand market linked derivatives and take calculated risks. The plan was dead simple to understand, even easier to execute.

Melvin made my dad feel confident about his financial future, especially his post-retirement life. The best thing about Melvin is that he's always approachable.

Arijit, Bangalore

Melvin recommended the straight and simple investment ways that helped me mange my resources effectively to achieve the financial goals. Initially most of the time I was confused with my way of thinking on investment approach, post Melvin’s support I realized the importance of financial planner that helped me a lot . Now I can implement the investment suggestions which will help to meet my goals without too much worry. Many Thanks to Melvin for his support.

Sachin Chavan , Pune