SEBI registered Investment advisor (RIA) with Registration number – INA 000000342.

We met Mr Melvin of Finvin Financial Planners through an old friend who is also a long term client of Finvin. We have been investing and buying insurance from the last 10 years on our own. One recurrent problem during all these years was our misguided investment decisions, which sometimes proved costlier. Although we are motivated to save and invest for the sun set years, we lacked the much needed direction and road map for achieving our financial goals.


Our main reason to choose Finvin is their neutral approach to advising their clients. Finvin doesn't sell any financial products and hence there is potentially no room for any conflict of interest. Another USP with Finvin is their flat fee model. Mr Melvin collected data points concerning our income, expense, assets, insurance and existing investments. We were also asked to set short term, mid-term, and long term financial goals. This exercise forced us to rethink our priorities in life and brought into sharp focus our strengths and weaknesses. Mr Melvin worked with us closely and designed a financial road map containing detailed strategy and advise. The road map document served as an eye-opener. We quickly realized our mistakes and initiated a corrective action based on this road map. We were under-insured for life and insufficiently covered for health. To our dismay, we were saving and investing way below than what is actually needed to meet our life goals. We swiftly changed gears and took control of our destiny based on Mr Melvin's advice.


Working with Mr Melvin is a pleasure. Mr Melvin has decades of experience in the Indian financial industry and is a very seasoned professional. If you want a genuine, glamour-free advice that is worthy of your hard-earned money, Mr Melvin is your go-to man.

Hari, Bangalore

Came to know about Melvin through an office colleague who had availed his services. After some initial apprehensions, decided to go ahead with utilizing Melvin's expertise. Melvin comes across as an honest, down to earth and a practical man when it comes to financial planning which I guess has comes from years of experience. He imbibed in me goal oriented financial planning which was an important learning for me. He suggested a few changes to my existing portfolio and I am starting to see the results of the same. He has been there for any queries any time. I would recommend him to anyone who wants their financial planning to be in order and working for them

Girish H, Mumbai

''Melvin is helping my husband and I refocus on our financial goals and objectives. What makes his approach unique is that he gives us a very patient hearing to the  financial challenges that we as first-time-parents are experiencing. Further, he is helping us rebuild our portfolio from scratch. Melvin’s approach is a mix of  practicality and logic, which helps non-financial folks like my husband and I work on his recommendations seriously.


I'm very happy to be associated with Melvin...Talking to Melvin is one the most financially-prudent decisions that we have ever taken.

S R, Hyderabad

Financial planners are like a doctor, and after many research, I found Melvin as the best doctor for my finances.

Previously, I used to take care of my funds. I had to invest a lot of time in reading, researching, and setting up my goals. The major problem I was facing was, I was never explicit about aligning my money to my future goals.

I opted for Melvin's service, and after multiple discussions, I never regret my decision. He understood my requirements and created an excellent plan. The details shared by him gave me a clear picture of my future finances. Any queries at any time, Melvin will be there to answer you. After the first consultation, you will understand his 20 years long experience and knowledge

Swetank Sisodia, Delhi

I approached Melvin based on a friend s recommendation. I had a tough time getting my financials together and was very anxious if i was saving enough to secure my and my son s future.

Melvin took the effort to firstly understand my goals and current expenses scenario and based on this helped me consider various insurance policies to secure us in case of any emergencies. He also suggested the right SIP plans considering our future goals and the ones that i must get rid of. He is always there to assist with any queries anytime. I now feel sure even when i spend on something unlike the earlier anxiety i always had. I know i am saving appropriately and must enjoy the present. Thanks to Melvin for giving me that confidence!"

M N , Pune

Melvin is a guiding light in the treacherous waters of investment markets. He provided me with the right guidance and advise to meet my goals which were unique. His suggested road map is tailored to individual's needs. He also keeps following up to help the individual keep focused and prevent any diversion from the main road. I have been immensely satisfied with his guidance and would highly recommend him as an adviser with sound judgement and understanding of the financial markets

S. Banerjee, Kolkatta

I am working professional in private sector and very limited knowledge about financial planning but at the same, I have understanding about role of genuine financial planner in today’s life especially for people like us who are earning decent salary but there is no surety that next 6 months i may need to live without job as private sector are very volatile. So challenge is to save the current earning in such a way that can help us short and long term as well.

Then i approached Melvin for same to see how he can help me. But i noticed Melvin is very fair financial planner because he gathers all the details and after that he will come up with plan. Melvin never commits any false dreams rather he give you clear picture about different possibilities. And on top of everything, he is very kind and helpful person. Melvin will respond any query at any time. Thank you Melvin for kind support

Vikaramjeet Singh, Pune

I knew  Melvin through FaceBook group where we were members. I was doing my own financial planning prior reaching out to Melvin, however, I wanted an unbiased opinion on my plans and help me keep it simple.

I am glad that I reached out to him!!, as he went through by gathering all my details of Assets & Liabilities , reduced few clutters and recommended me a very simple, straight forward and goal oriented plan.


Even though I live in Bangalore and he in Mumbai, this hasn't become a constrain for me as he is all available over phone, chat and mails. Never have I felt that I may need a second opinion of his recommendations as he is very patient enough to make me understand what those plans mean to me and Why?.


I would like to thank Melvin for assisting me on my journey through goal based financial planning and look forward to continue this journey until I attain financial independence.


- Kiran B"

Kiran B, Bangalore

I am Prasad from Visakhapatnam, AndhraPradesh working as Software professional. My overall experience is more than 10 years but was never serious about tracking my expenses or planning my future and aligning the hard earned money to future goals. I was added to "ASAN Idea for wealth" by one of my colleague and then started understanding about different terms and concepts of money.

I decided to do SIP a couple of years back and that was the First decision that i took after reading and knowing about it. I see a lot of funds in the market, confused and asked the fund managing company Aditya Birla my Universe on suggestion and invested accordingly after doing some research.
Till then, i was investing in Direct stocks doing intraday and lost some money that made me learn some lessons. All that was history.

I found Melvin sir in the same group in Facebook, contacted him and spoke to him for only few minutes. The First call was more of understanding about me and my seriousness.It took more than 9 months for me to streamline my messy financial stuff and pay his fees.

It was that dis-organized at my end and then i filled the Questionnaire sent by him and had series of meetings over the phone to arrive at ian

agreement on my contributions for him to plan better.

We first identified the areas where it needs improvement and it was my MF SIP where he suggested to do it Direct rather than doing it through agencies.

Secondly, we identified the lumsum/left over money every month after expenses and streamlined it to MF to meet my short term Goals.

Also, Helped me by providing his inputs to close the personal loan and i feel confident that i can close it by end of Q1,2018 now. I can then invest that amount into something meaningful.

He constantly follow-up with the customer and ensure all the concepts of money are understood. He warns not to do anything if you are not 100% Sure and he advises to ask Questions and is always reachable to discuss on anything that is unclear.

I am very much happy with the simple steps taken today and i recommend him to anyone without any second thought. He is very skillful, knowledgeable and thoughtful.

Thanks Melvin Sir for all your help, time and patience

K V V Pradad, Visakhapatnam

I approached Melvin based on my Friend's recommendation, for the record i have been doing my own financial planning for quite sometime which is largely goal based, but i needed somebody who is independent and can provide an unbiased review of my planning and any corrections needed.


Melvin took me through an elaborate process of collecting information on my Assets & Liabilities and then suggesting a roadmap to my financial independence. I got a clear view of my current financial standing and the stuff i need to do for my Health Insurance, Childrens Education, their Marriage and my Retirement as well.


Good part is Melvin will be there for any queries and periodic reviews of my portfolio for any course corrections. All in all I am much more at ease now and Thanks to Melvin for all the support.

Pradeep, Bangalore

I needed Melvin's services for my dad's finances. At the time of contacting Melvin, my dad's retirement was about 5 years away, and he had been planning to construct a house in a tier-1 city over next 2 years.

To be honest, I have fair bit of understanding myself on how to do a goal-based financial plan. However, my dad's financial requirements were so complex, that I wasn't sure on how to go about allocating assets for these.

Melvin took him through a rigorous process of self-evaluation on his finances. This was holistic, covered my dad's existing investments, emergency funds, as well as health insurance requirements.

When we received the financial plan; it was clear to my dad on how to go about allocating funds for various goals. Most importantly, my dad, who has believed for decades, in traditional fixed deposits, post-office deposits etc; was ready to understand market linked derivatives and take calculated risks. The plan was dead simple to understand, even easier to execute.

Melvin made my dad feel confident about his financial future, especially his post-retirement life. The best thing about Melvin is that he's always approachable.

Arijit, Bangalore

Melvin recommended the straight and simple investment ways that helped me mange my resources effectively to achieve the financial goals. Initially most of the time I was confused with my way of thinking on investment approach, post Melvin’s support I realized the importance of financial planner that helped me a lot . Now I can implement the investment suggestions which will help to meet my goals without too much worry. Many Thanks to Melvin for his support.

Sachin Chavan , Pune

Melvin is helping my husband and I refocus on our financial goals and objectives. What makes his approach unique is that he gives us a very patient hearing to the  financial challenges that we as first-time-parents are experiencing. Further, he is helping us rebuild our portfolio from scratch. Melvin’s approach is a mix of  practicality and logic, which helps non-financial folks like my husband and I work on his recommendations seriously.

I'm very happy to be associated with Melvin...Talking to Melvin is one the most financially-prudent decisions that we have ever taken.


SR, Hyderabad

I found Finvin while I was looking for a fee only planner. I read a lot of good things online about Melvin and I found they were very well founded.

I am an NRI customer, with specific needs. I find the Mr. Melvin always gave me impartial and clear advice while helping me identify my goals . I always thought it was necessary to have a face - face meetings in order to establish a professional relationship and trust but consulting with Mr.

Melvin has removed that notion. He is knowledgeable,  quick to answer emails and queries (even over great distances and time zones) and helped me exit from some toxic financial products for which I am quite indebted to him.

Amrit, Kolkatta

I started my associated with Melvin Joseph in the year FY17.  I found about Melvin through one of the facebook groups where he was highly recommended.  After speaking to a few other financial planners, I decided to go ahead with Melvin.  I found him to be affable, patient and benevolent.  He collected all my details over email and phone.  He has provided few recommendations to me and I have started implementing the same.  He has also answered quite a few queries of mine which were beyond the regular financial instruments that he deals with so that it could help my planning aspects. Hoping to have a successful financial journey with him.

S . Pramod, Bangalore

Came to know about Melvin through an office colleague who had availed his services. After some initial apprehensions, decided to go ahead with utilizing Melvin's expertise. Melvin comes across as an honest, down to earth and a practical man when it comes to financial planning which I guess has comes from years of experience. He imbibed in me goal oriented financial planning which was an important learning for me. He suggested a few changes to my existing portfolio and I am starting to see the results of the same. He has been there for any queries any time. I would recommend him to anyone who wants their financial planning to be in order and working for them"

G H, Pune

After following a D-I-Y approach towards financial planning and investments, I decided to take a second opinion from a professional. I was looking for a fee-only financial planner, who would be able to give personal attention at an affordable price. Melvin fit the bill fully. He generally gave quick, clear and accurate responses to my questions. I appreciate his service."

K. G, New Delhi

Melvin JOSEPH -  One of the Best SEBI APPROVED- Fee ONLY CFP I met .His entire approach of creating holistic plan based on each clients current situation ,goals and its time horizon from meeting point ,taking into consideration RISK Profile of each client and accordingly suggest suitable Unique plan for us is praise worthy .When a client ask him any of the smallest query post meeting him ,he  studies the query and promptly replies to us which helps us to take further decision .If We want to know real meaning of "RESPONSIVENESS " We can Experience this by asking follow up questions to MJ

I have asked him 2/ 3 inputs post our meeting and I experienced  Super Response .Undoubtedly Melvin Joseph is among the handful financial planners in our country  whose commitment towards his clients is TOTAL and  Very Caring towards his clients  .

I have seen that he helps even ordinary genuinely troubled people from society who are NOT his customers when they came across him by chance and Melvin helped them without any compensation .Where do we find such people now a days ? In Melvin we have one such Individual and I as a client am very Proud of him for this .

I want to associate with such a caring , Domain Expert for Rest of my life

More Feathers to Feather studded cap of Melvin JOSEPH !
MN, Mumbai

I came to know about Mr Melvin from a fee only financial planner group on face book.

After contacting him he gave quick response, took detailed search about my financial status and advised me on insurance and investment planning. His recommendations are unbiased and honest and in parallel to my needs. He gives response to my each and every ( even a small and silly ) query quick and serious reply. He always remain in touch with me and take care not only in making a good financial plan but also that the plan get really executed. I am delighted and happy about his association. And wish to be with him for the rest of my life.

DR, Vinayak K Mahajan

I m really satisfied with the financial advice/services given by Melvin. Always unbiased, specific and ready to assist whenever needed. Thank you Melvin. You made a difference in my financial journey. Love you

Dr. Pradeep Nawal, Ahmedabad

I am very happy with services offered by Melvin, He is very patience in hearing my queries and replied very fast.

Even he is ready to modify the Financial plan "N" Number of times ,whenever i have request for change.

Appreciate his great service.

Vandhiadevan, Chennai

I came to know about Mr. Melvin through one of my friend who is being assisted by him from last couple of years. Melvin suggestion are good to get hold on ones financial planning. After his structured review of my existing financial plan and suggestions  made me realize that if I would have got these suggestion a few years ago.......but its never too late if you are in right direction and get financial advise by a experienced expert like Melvin. Thanks Melvin

Anand Kumar, Botswana

When we had planned to start with understanding and planning our financial investments we met a lot of advisers. The thing we liked about Melvin is he took his time to understand our situation and goals and help us come up with a plan accordingly. He was easy to communicate and always available to clear are doubts. After we started our journey the best thing we realized was rather than just taking care of our investments he taught us how to invest on our own (many other advisers wanted us to invest through them so that they would earn a portion of our gains), he walked us through the steps as we were novices in the world of investing. We are really happy with the service we have got and plan to continue using his help to guide us

Dr Satish Kumar and Dr Swathi Menon.

I came to know about Mr Melvin Joseph via discussions on "fee-only" financial advisers on the Facebook group "Asan Ideas for Wealth". His name came prominently in many discussions and this was a comforting factor. I was very impressed by the initial response time to a generic query made to him. This and the clear information confirmed to me that he is a person who has his clients interest at the highest priority.

Investing for future  in D-I-Y ( do it yourself) mode can be a bit tricky. There is a lack of genuine feedback and timely course correction . This can be corrected by using professional services from a genuine guy.

After detailed email and telephonic discussions, Mr Melvin patiently drafted a plan which was well aligned to my initial course and certainly more streamlined.

He gives you a very simple algorithm like plan to cover your investment, insurance and other issues.

I would surely like to add that I am very impressed by his prompt availability for queries afterwards. According to me , this is perhaps his strongest asset and this connection which he makes with others is very comforting.

Investing has  hazards involved , specially when you are trying to beat inflation in the long run. I would recommend new investors or even those who are looking for second opinions/professional advice to understand that these risks cannot be eliminated. However, the  wisdom and experience he provides with his immense time in the field can reduce larger but no-so-obvious  risks and can also lead to timely course correction if needed.

I have faith in the intentions, wisdom and experience of Mr Melvin Joseph. I have already recommended him to colleagues and friends and would do the same in future. Talking to him will probably be one of the best investing decisions you would make.

DR. Gaurav Prakash. UAE

Three words to describe Melvin - Patient, Informed and organised. He patiently answered all my queries on personal finance for two years without being enrolled with him. He encouraged me to realign my portfolio, in line with my goals and then . His reasonable fee definitely made it attractive to continue remain attached to him.

What I appreciate most is that he is only a phone call away.

Dr. V Tripathi

Until I met Melvin I wasn't aware of certain crucial aspects of my finances. He studied my requirements and made a comprehensive plan suitable for my future milestones. Not only this, he just keeps on following to make sure you are on track of your financial goals.Excellent service, personalized attention

Vijay Shivade, UAE

Though I used to earlier invest on my own,with recommendations from friends,acquaintances and information available in investment related news papers, magazines,internet etc, after a point of time it was difficult for me to manage on my own.Also the investments were scattered and effective returns were poor due to taxes. I therefore felt the need of a good investment advisor.


I had been looking out for an investment advisor for quite some time,asking  friends,looking up the net etc.One day while checking for SEBI registered advisors on the internet,I came across 3 advisors including Mr Melvin. I spoke with Mr Melvin over the telephone and also with the 2 other advisors.


Further to speaking with Mr Melvin over the telephone I met him at his office. After meeting him and understanding his background,I was convinced that he had adequate knowledge on investments,taxation,had updated information on the subject and was a thorough professional.


Mr Melvin has helped me in my investment planning and  is very practical  and logical in his approach as an investment advisor.Due to his vast experience and knowledge in the field of Finance,he can provide sound financial advice to whichever income group you belong.

VRM, Mumbai

I am a NRI and have been living abroad for the past 20 plus years.  I will be getting a lumpsum amount when I move back to India in 2017.  I wanted a fee only financial planner and contacted Melvin after going through excellent review about his services.  My confusion was to decide whether my lumpsum was enough for me to lead a retired life in India.  Also how I can distribute the money into various investment avenues available so that it can last for 30-35 years.  Melvin has been very helpful to suggest the proportion for distribution of money into various mutual funds.  He also suggested health insurance requirement for my family.


I would say that now there is a clarity of thought in my mind about my finances and how I will achieve my future goals like my daughters education,  her marriage and regular flow of monthly income for living expenses.


Melvin has been prompt in replying to my queries whenever required.  I can still contact him through e-mail or whatsapp for any clarification of personal finance.  I hope to get in touch with him in future regarding my income tax and get his services for the years to come.


thank you Melvin

P S Vaidyanathan, Singapore

I was looking for financial planning services which is fee only so that there is absolutely no bias on the advice.


Apart from that i had several criterias...person should be knowledgeable, existing portfolio before jumping into conclusions.


One other important preference i had based on my earlier experience was, i preferred someone who will provide services directly instead of the staff providing services which keeps changing every few months.


With mr Melvin, all my criterias got satisfied.

He provoded excellent inputs and directions. I strongly recommend him for financial planning services

Pramila Zanwar, Pune

More than an advisor, Melvin has helped me and my family as a friend. He has a been a guiding light in times of confusion and uncertainty. I would definitely recommend you to avail of his services. Keep up the good work Melvin. God Bless!

Vikram Kasbekar

I came to know about Mr. Melvin through the face book group ASAN ideas for wealth. And till date I found him reliable than other advisers who got connected via some references. I had started DIY investing couple of years back, but soon realized that there is too much noise in the information available on blogs and the internet. I had started my investments with the knowledge I gained from some of the blogs, but I was always unsure if I was making the right investment decisions. After few conversations about my goals, existing assets and future plans, Melvin drew up an easy to understand plan. He also periodically checks that I am on the right track with my plan. He has helped me in putting my investments in right track. He is always available for any doubts and he does his job with passion. I have already personally recommended Melvin to several people, and would be happy to recommend him to anyone who would like an effective fee-only financial advisor

Sijo Jose

I started on my financial planning journey a little later than I should have. So when I looked around for professional help, I came across many firms who offer financial planning services. Most of them had a mutual fund distribution business or were trying to push for their demat/trading platform, not to mention that they were charging a bomb. During the process of this discovery, I became quite clear that I would actually be looking for a fee-only advisor in order to get an unbiased view without any conflict of interest.

When I approached Melvin, the ease with which he spoke to me clarified a lot of my concerns in the first call itself. I decided to go with Melvin's service. The best part of the engagement was there was actually no need to meet face to face. Everything be it data collection, goal definition,review of existing investments, review of final plan etc. happened over call and email. The entire process was extremely comfortable.

Even after the final plan was given to me, Melvin takes the extra effort from time to time to check about the progress in terms of implementation. Other than this, even for my minor queries, I keep bothering Melvin from time to time and he has responded each single time without fail.

In today's time, when finding advice without any kind of conflict of interest or bias is next to impossible, Melvin is my go to guy when it comes to financial advice

Satyajit, Mumbai

Being a D.I.Y investor for several years, I always hesitated to approach any financial advisor.

However, during this year's annual portfolio re-balancing activity, I decided to take professional feedback and started looking for SEBI registered fee-only Financial Advisors.


I found Mr. Melvin’s details in and after comparing with several others, I decided to contact him.


The whole process of financial planning and portfolio review was handled in a very professional way.

It started with understanding my financial goals followed by an in-depth analysis of insurance needs to secure my family's future.

During our multiple rounds of discussions, important gaps were identified in existing insurance cover and also in one particular financial goal.


Once the corrective measures were understood, the focus then shifted to reviewing existing mutual fund portfolio. While retaining good funds, he re-aligned the portfolio by replacing few funds. His extensive knowledge of products paired with an impartial advice has helped me in creating a holistic portfolio.


I can say with complete confidence that approaching him proved to be very beneficial.


Pavan, Bangalore

From, I found Mr. Melvin’s details as fee only financial advisor. Before approaching him I checked his profile and other financial advisor profile in web. After comparing with other finally I selected Mr. Melvin as my financial advisor.  I started my mutual fund investment in the year 2009 as SIP in 3 funds but I am not able to make profit on that investment due to wrong selection of fund and I stopped in the year 2013. Again I started investment in mutual fund in the year 2015 as SIP in regular mode. I invested through BANK and private Mutual fund Advisor.

After reviewing my current SIP and my other investment he recommended few good funds for SIP. He advised me that I have to invest his recommended fund via direct mode (I can directly buy MF in MF company web site) and he educated me on the difference between regular and direct mode of investment and how it will affect on our return in the long term. He asked me to stop earlier mutual fund SIP (regular option). Now I stopped my entire regular mode SIP and I started investing in his recommended fund under direct plan.

Good Personnel financial advisor is required for our financial health. Since I am working abroad I do not have much time to look for investment option. He provided me good advice.   I saved lot of money by investing in mutual fund and insurance policy for protecting family. Mr. Melvin has not sold any Mutual fund and insurance policy to me. He will give advice in such a way that it will benefited to me, not any MF company or insurance company. So I recommend him for Everyone who need finical advice .I have recommended him for my family members and my friends. Comparing to other advisers, his fee is very low.

Ranjan, Saudi Arabia

I would like to mention that I have been extremely satisfied with the Financial Planning services Melvin has provided in last 6 months.

Melvins  advice is impartial and unbiased for any financial products as he doesnt have any  tie up with Insurance/Investment Products.

The action plan that was provided after initial  data analysis and goals discussion  was  excellent plan  as it was not only short & precise but also gave a crystal clear roadmap on the immediate next steps.The entire experience has been very fulfilling and we look forward working with Melvin  towards implementing financial plan in coming years.

I was mainly attracted towards selecting Melvin as my financial planner because

1. Being both of us working,we dint  have the time to personally focus to  track/rebalance investments made earlier.
2. High level of knowledge which Melvin  possesses on various financial products to  diversify portfolio and suit individual requirements.
3. Planner who doesn't have any distribution tie ups with Financial Products selling companies & hence doesn't have vested Interests.
4. Melvin  is one of the very few Sebi Registered  Fee-only-financial-planners in India

Overall, we are very  impressed with services provided by Melvin  and would wholeheartedly recommend them.

Ramakrishna, Singapore

Although I was earning good and doing some investments on my own, I was not very familiar with inflation, portfolio diversification and retirement/health insurance needs and plans. 


I came to know about Melvin's professional service through one of my contacts late last year and I called him from overseas for a quick discussion. I was immediately impressed with his professional and friendly approach and engaged him for my financial planning/advisory service. 


Melvin's review of my portfolio and further advises were an eye opener for me and it has helped me to understand my real needs and diversify my portfolio accordingly. In addition he was very helpful and patient whenever I called him with questions related to financial products, investments and basic taxation. With Melvin's professional service and friendly advises, now I feel more confident and comfortable in achieving my financial freedom quicker and in a more structured way. 


Thank you, Melvin. I strongly believe that more and more people will use your service and benefit.


K K , Singapore

I have used the financial planning services from Melvin, and it has helped me to set proper financial goals and set the right approach to achieve the goals.

I like his honest and professional approach.

I would definitely recommend him for his financial planning services or advice related to financial planning.

VMV, Kuwait

I would like to state that since the time of taking you as my financial consultant, an element of discipline has come into my investments. Firstly, there is clarity on goals to be achieved and secondly clarity on where to invest. I am happy to have you as my Financial Consultant for continued guidance on pitfalls of investments, risks and returns.  Many thanks,

Sheel Yadav, New Delhi

I used the services of Melvin Joseph to review my portfolio for the selection of stable and consistent performing fund, desired equity and debt distribution and tax efficiency. He has good knowledge about the prevailing funds as well as their past performance based on which he recommended desired changes.


Melwin was particularly very helpful in assessing the financial risk and helped me buy a cost effective and well suited health insurance product for me. He influenced me to change my mind to opt for health insurance and it was rightly done so keeping my current state in mind.


The best part about Melwin is that he has no vested interest to sell any particular product to gain brokerage or commission. The only goal is client interests depending on his goal and financial state.

SRK. Bengaluru

I had started DIY investing couple of years back, but soon realized that there is too much noise in the information available on blogs and the internet. Attending a few DIY investing workshops was useful, but I was always unsure if I was making the right investment decisions. One day I called up Melvin. A quick conversation with him gave me enough trust to start working with him. After exchanging a few conversations about my goals, existing assets and future plans, Melvin drew up an easy to understand plan. He had an unbiased review of which of my DIY work was okay, which needed transitioning to a better plan, recommended what actions to take and also explained why he thought so. He also periodically checked that I was on the right track with following his recommendations. I have already personally recommended Melvin to several people, and would be happy to recommend him to anyone who would like an effective fee-only financial advisor.

Alok, Mumbai

I have started my investments around 2014. Honestly, I had  no interest at that time in personal finance, equity etc., I got shock of my life when I reviewed 10+ work anniversary. So I decided to get serious about it and started educating myself. I started my investments in parallel.

After 3 years of do-it-myself journey, I noticed few things

  1. There is always lot more to learn that I could possibly learn.
  2. Though I got interested in the complexity of investments, returns and markets in general as a result of my self education, I found that  they are not translating to useful investments actions.
  3. I am interested in many other things too and there is an opportunity cost.
  4. I found increasing difficult to make decisions with too much information. Kind of analysis paralysis.


After lot of deliberations I decided to use the help of a financial planner. Then I spent another 6 months on learning how to choose one. Main criteria were

  1. Fee only & simple straight forward adviser(unlike wealth management etc.,)
  2. Reliable references from trusted sources
  3. SEBI registered advisor
  4. Experience and having good number of clients
  5. Same city


Finally I decided on Finvin(even though I am not residing on the same city). I just gave him all the information and my past investments and he took it from there. He asked questions that forced me to think through the goals. Because of Finvin services, I could accelerate my investments/insurance decisions, which otherwise would have taken an year or two, considering my DIY speed. Now I am kind of relaxed and focusing on other interests. I am still learning personal finance, but that is out of my learning impulse.


I have recommended Finvin to others and I think I will recommend in future too 🙂

Madhu prasanna, Bangalore

I work for the IT sector, mostly busy with work related travel. Recently I realized that even after working for 15 years with decent salary, there is no much increase in my assets. I realized that I should get professional help. My friend advised me to approach a SEBI registered investment Adviser. I landed up with Melvin, a SEBI registered investment adviser in Navi Mumbai. After a brief discussion with Melvin, I got a clear idea about the financial mess that I have accumulated over the last 10 years, as per the recommendation of many friendly advisers and bankers! Anyway I am happy that I have another 20 years to plan for my future financial goals. With the financial plan, I got from Melvin, I am sure of reaching the goals. I thank Melvin and recommend his services to all. What is the use of earning money, if we cannot reach our financial goals. Do not go for the free advice or go to banks for investments. There are all parasites.

Ashish Mehra, Navi Mumbai

Being an NRI, my financial journey was in a mess.Whenever I visit India, my personal banker in the bank, used to recommend many schemes. I invested in many useless schemes and thought that these are good. My friend recommended me to go for a financial planning. Through Google search, I found out many planners, but most of them were again trying to sell some non sense products to me. Their fees also was very high for NRIs. Then I reached finvin site and was impressed with the way they charge and what they offer. Being an NRI, I was skeptical about doing financial planning online. But, after a chat with Mr. Melvin and after couple of email exchanges, he understood my position well. We chatted on skype and phone.Within a week, now I am happy to have a neutral recommendation on all my investments and insurance. He has given me a roadmap on how to plan ahead. Had I do this, 5 years back, I would have saved lot of money. Better late than never. long live finvin. It is really useful for NRIs like me.

Narendra, Dubai

I was following the articles of Melvin for more than a year in his website. What impressed me is the simplicity and clarity of financial concepts in his articles. I used to read many other articles on finance, but most of them are with high sounding technical words, which is of no meaning to me. Another point I noticed from last year is that very few people are recommending direct plan in mutual funds. I was following his blog in Face book too. I also got an excellent feedback about Melvin and his services from one of my senior colleague in Chennai who is his client for 2 years. I thank Melvin for his simple financial plan. He recommended an online term plan, a health cover in addition to my company Medi claim, PPF and 4-5 mutual funds covering equity & Debt. His response is fast and I feel like getting a personal touch. He is an Investment adviser registered with SEBI also. I strongly recommend his services for others, to simplify their financial life without compromising present day life

Meiselvan Marimuthu, Chennai

Melvin belongs to the rare breed of financial advisors who are fee-only advisors. That basically means that their objective is to align one’s investment based on the need not based on commission from investments that the advisor receives. He was recommended to me by one of the most trustworthy acquaintances. I was surprisingly pleased with the detail orientation that Melvin brought to the table and asked me probing questions to understand my assets, liabilities and goals. He gave me very good no-nonsense advise and now solely responsible to get my financial health back on track. In addition, he is always willing to clarify my doubts and gives me a very balanced view of what needs to be done and what not. Highly recommended and very well respected in the field, Melvin is an advisor who is worth every penny you spend on him and more.

Butun Mohapatra, Bangalore

I started thinking about financial freedom for my family around 2 years back. I took some endowment policy for me & wife and children policy for Kids. I was feeling happy with my decision. while I was browsing, I came across the site Finvin. in and subscribed to their newsletters. As I read more and more articles by Melvin, I realized that I was not going to reach any of my goals, as per my original wisdom. At that stage, I availed the financial planning services from Melvin. His approach was holistic which covers all aspects of the financial life. His approach will ensure that you reach your goals even in your absence and that too with the minimum outgo. He made my financial life simple! I took sufficient term cover for my family and is moving towards children’s education and retirement goal. He helped me to go for increasing SIPs without compromising my cash flows and lifestyle – which is all the more important for me. I strongly recommend his services to anybody who really is interested to plan for their personal financial matters.

Sameer Shah, Pune

I came to know about FinVin and Mr. Melvin during Google search for reliable investment advisor in Navi Mumbai. And till date I found him reliable than other advisers who got connected via some references.

Melvin is prompt in replying investment related queries on all platforms including Email, phone. He holds good knowledge and government certification in the subject. In the beginning he prepared investment plan for achieving all my personnel goals. Although I couldn’t do all investments suggested by him, whatever small actions I have taken found beneficiary.

As per my opinion everybody who has dreams for themselves or their spouse/children should prepare investment plan according to their income from investment adviser like Mr. Melvin.

Altaf Hussain Sayyed

I was investing for the last 10 years in mutual funds and shares as per my understanding and logic. After reading an article on financial planning in Times of India, I searched on Google to locate a certified financial planner in navi mumbai. I landed at Finvin and had a talk with Mr. Melvin. I could understand the benefits of going with a qualified financial planner. Really, my monthly cash flow is better now after implementing the financial planning recommendations. It is more focused and is covering all aspects of personal finance. It has helped me in coming out of some ULIP policies, which was waste investments. Melvin is a dedicated financial planner and have vast experience in personal finance. His passion to this profession is of beyond doubt. He is reachable on his mobile even on Sundays and is very quick in his response. I recommend Melvin for your financial planning needs.

Pankaj Mishra, Navi Mumbai

Hi Melvin , I am not feeling like I am in Delhi and you are in Mumbai. The communication is fast and your response is super fast. There are few people who give honest recommendation and you are one among them. Thanks for your support in clearing my financial worries.

Nikhil, New Delhi

I have been closely engaged with Finvin for about 1 years and have been satisfied with their service. Restless services provided by Melvin as he answer every other question we ask. Very calmly and confidently we get answers to my questions. Their reminders serve to ensure that no deadlines get missed.

It’s a pleasure engaging with him.

Gajanan Dhaske, Mumbai