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Retirement Planning

Increasing longevity and absence of any social security system, makes retirement planning  utmost important to all of us in India. We help you in...

Tax Planning

Fixed deposit is one the most safe investments but it is not the most tax efficient option. We help you in reducing your tax burden by suggesting...

Higher Education Planning

The cost of an MBA which cost 20 Lacs now can be around 63 Lacs after 15 years with 8% inflation.  We will help you in planning for this to ensure...

Marriage Expense Planning

All of us have big dreams regarding marriage of our children. We help you in ensuring that you have enough money for this goal at the right time...

Holistic Advice That Covers All Aspects of Finance

Why you need Financial Planning?

Can you recollect the day in your life, when you handled cash for the first time? It can be at age 10, when you got pocket money from your father! Now think...

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Sukanya Samridhi Account for the Girl Child

After the recent budget, there is a huge rush in the post office to invest in the recently launched Sukanya Samridhi Account for the girl child.  The...

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Why You should Avoid Children Policies?

Nikhil and Rekha are expecting their first child next month.  Both are busy in making all arrangements to welcome the baby.  They want to start planning for...

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How to Improve Your Credit Score?

My friend Suresh had a shock last month, when his home loan application was rejected by the bank. Though he is having an annual CTC of 20 lakhs, bank...

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Financial Planner in India – Is the Fee Justified?

One of my prospective clients Ajay asked me an innocent question – How much I can save by paying the annual fee to you? Instead of giving him any...

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Investment options for NRIs – How to Choose?

2013 was a good year for NRIs when their dollars were earning more rupees with rupee depreciation. But this may not continue for long as dollar is...

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When we had planned to start with understanding and planning our financial investments we met a lot of advisers. The thing we liked about Melvin is he took his time to understand our situation and goals and help us come up with a plan accordingly. He was easy to communicate and always available to clear are doubts. After we started our journey the best thing we realized was rather than just taking care of our investments he taught us how to invest on our own (many other advisers wanted us to invest through them so that they would earn a portion of our gains), he walked us through the steps as we were novices in the world of investing. We are really happy with the service we have got and plan to continue using his help to guide us

Dr Satish Kumar and Dr Swathi Menon.

I came to know about Mr Melvin Joseph via discussions on "fee-only" financial advisers on the Facebook group "Asan Ideas for Wealth". His name came prominently in many discussions and this was a comforting factor. I was very impressed by the initial response time to a generic query made to him. This and the clear information confirmed to me that he is a person who has his clients interest at the highest priority.

Investing for future  in D-I-Y ( do it yourself) mode can be a bit tricky. There is a lack of genuine feedback and timely course correction . This can be corrected by using professional services from a genuine guy.

After detailed email and telephonic discussions, Mr Melvin patiently drafted a plan which was well aligned to my initial course and certainly more streamlined.

He gives you a very simple algorithm like plan to cover your investment, insurance and other issues.

I would surely like to add that I am very impressed by his prompt availability for queries afterwards. According to me , this is perhaps his strongest asset and this connection which he makes with others is very comforting.

Investing has  hazards involved , specially when you are trying to beat inflation in the long run. I would recommend new investors or even those who are looking for second opinions/professional advice to understand that these risks cannot be eliminated. However, the  wisdom and experience he provides with his immense time in the field can reduce larger but no-so-obvious  risks and can also lead to timely course correction if needed.

I have faith in the intentions, wisdom and experience of Mr Melvin Joseph. I have already recommended him to colleagues and friends and would do the same in future. Talking to him will probably be one of the best investing decisions you would make.

DR. Gaurav Prakash. UAE

Three words to describe Melvin - Patient, Informed and organised. He patiently answered all my queries on personal finance for two years without being enrolled with him. He encouraged me to realign my portfolio, in line with my goals and then . His reasonable fee definitely made it attractive to continue remain attached to him.

What I appreciate most is that he is only a phone call away.

Dr. V Tripathi